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    The Wrong Decision The Referee Made In The 1st Minute Of AFCON’s Opening Game

    The Wrong Choice The Referee Made In The First Minute Of The AFCON’s First Game

    The African Cup of Nations( AFCON gets underway in great style. The opening ceremony drew a lot of attention, but the game didn’t start well for the host country. The flow of the game was driven by the home team, Cameroon, until Burkina Faso scored in the 24th minute. Aboubakar, on the other hand, netted two penalties right before halftime to give Cameroon the lead.

    The main talking points of the first 45 minutes of the game, however, were the physicality of the game, Cameroon’s possession, and Burkina Faso’s first-half bad defence, but this article will focus on one incorrect mistake made by the referee in the opening minute of the game. Examine it out!

    1. The decision to give Steve Yago a yellow card instead of a red card for a tackle on Collins Fai.

    Yago was nowhere near the ball when his right boot caught Fai. Normally, if you don’t get the ball and the tackle is deemed hazardous, you should be given a red card. Also, because his boot was so high, this tackle could have knocked Fai out of the competition.


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