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    Tamale SHS Student Rahana Leaked Video Is Fast Trending (+Video)

    Tamale SHS Student Rahana Leaked Video Is Fast Trending (+Video)

    Rahana, a Tamale SHS student who wants to spice up her long-distance romance, is currently in hot water after her boyfriend’s naked video leaked.

    Long-distance relationships are challenging to sustain, and partners will go to great lengths to keep their partner interested in them.

    Some people like extended talks, while others prefer video calls, however being intimate on your phone’s little screen might lead to problems.

    The beautiful lady made a video of herself that was only meant to be seen by her boyfriend, but it turned out to be a disaster.

    According to accounts, the video went viral after it was shared on Twitter by someone who knew her. The lady, on the other hand, is attempting to recover from the tragedy.

    Allowing yourself to be video filmed, in any manner, in the name of love or fun is never, ever a good idea. The ramifications might be disastrous! Beware!

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