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    Pastor Bath Female Members In Front Of Congregation On 31st Night Service [Watch Now]

    A lot happened during the last witnessed 31st night of December in various churches of pastors in Ghana and the world as a whole.

    Some pastors shared food to their church members ahead of the 31st night, others shared physical money to their church members during 31st night, others also gave their church members prophecies.

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    Watch video below;

    Of all these, a yet to be identified pastor is sighted online today making his church members strip off what their wearing and baths them in a basin(pan) during the just passed 31st December.

    When this video surfaced online, it has gotten many Ghanaian reacting to it.

    This pastor who is the founder and leader of this church End Time Church of Blinks said he had the direction from the most high and with that he surely know that some people, mainly Ghanaians are going to talk about it but because it is a divine direction from God, he must do that for his members.

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