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    Jennifer Hough, the woman who accused her husband, Kenneth Petty, of sexual assault, has dropped Nicki Minaj from her harassment case.

    Hough decided to voluntarily drop the claim against Nicki Minaj, according to court documents acquired by TMZ, but she is pursuing her lawsuit against Petty.

    According to the site, no agreement had been struck to release Nicki Minaj from the complaint, in which Petty claimed that the 39-year-old rapper had harassed and threatened her.

    Minaj’s lawyer, Judd Burstein, told TMZ that Hough and her legal team had tried to get money from Nicki Minaj throughout the case, which was filed last August, and had tried to reach a settlement the entire time.

    Burstein attacked his legal adversary in the case, Tyrone Blackburn, in an email to Hough’s lawyer, which the site reviewed. Burstein ripped his legal rival in the case for trying to make an easy buck from the star.

    ‘In my opinion, your activities in pursuing this case against Nicki Minaj exemplify the worst of our legal system: bottom-feeding lawyers who seek frivolous proceedings against a celebrity in the hopes of being paid off if they sling enough dirt,’ Burstein wrote in the statement to Blackburn.

    Nicki Minaj had to pay more than ‘$300,000 in expenses to defend a complaint… [that] was frivolous on both the facts and the law,’ according to Burstein.

    Petty was found guilty of sexual assault in 1995 after pleading guilty to attempted rape in connection with an incident that occurred on September 16, 1994 in Jamaica, Queens, New York.

    Hough filed a $500,000 lawsuit against the pair in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York last summer, accusing them of harassment, witness intimidation, and intentional infliction of mental distress.

    In a September appearance on The Real, Hough talked about a conversation she had with Nicki Minaj in March 2020, in which she alleges the pop star tried to work out a deal with her in which she would be paid to renounce her previous charges against Petty.

    ‘She contacted and said she had received word that I was willing to assist them in a crisis,’ she explained. ‘I had no idea what she was talking about.’ She offered to fly my family and myself to Los Angeles. I declined the offer. And I told her, “Woman to Woman,” that this had actually happened. ‘I hadn’t spoken to her in a long time.’

    Hough claimed that she had repeatedly turned down offers from Minaj and Petty, prompting their associates to approach her with counter offers.

    ‘Nicki Minaj is the one who reached out to me personally in regard to assisting her, assisting them in this situation,’ she explained. ‘And then there were the threats I received as a result of my refusal to accept every offer, every advice.’

    ‘The most recent incidence occurred when one of their associates placed $20,000 on my lap. ‘Yet I continued to say no.’

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