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    Iona Reine Outdoors Bedroom Style For Loose Pu$$y [Watch]

    Iona Reine, a Ghanaian singer, was invited to an interview where she was expected to discuss her career and the problems surrounding her relationship with her former manager, Mzbel, but things went in a new way.

    When Iona Reine proceeded to educate men on how to manage ladies with loose vgi*s wearing it*rcoors, the interview took on a whole new meaning.

    During an interview with Arnold Mensah Alavanyo, the budding singer debuted a position for such women, which she dubbed “Prayer mode,” and demonstrated how it works.

    “In terms of sɛ* for such women, l’d advise that she does more of the prayer mode. You don’t need a strong man to be able to do this,” lona who was already sitting made such statements whiles raising her two l*gs in the air and keeping them close to each other.

    “You have to learn how to hold and release the vαg*nα. You also have to stop douching. That is inserting all manner of things in your vαg*nα.
    Just wash with plain water,” she educated women.

    The controversial musician, who also works as a professional midwife, is known for her s*xʋally explicit clothing and music promotion.

    Iona Reine’s romance with Mzbel ended in 2020, but she has since formed a solid bond with controversial comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger.

    Watch the video below

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