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    Afia Schwarzenegger’s Bedroom Video With A Man Making LOVE Goes Viral (+18 Video)

    Afia Schwarzenegger has finally gotten a man to appear on video in an intimate posture with her. When it comes to relationships, the befuddled Schwar is all over the place.

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    She’ll tell you she’s married one day, then claim she’s dating the next, and then swear to heaven and earth she’s single the next.

    Since her high-profile engagement with Abrokwa blew into pieces, no one takes her seriously when she talks about relationship troubles.

    Since then, Afia has claimed to be dating a slew of men, the most noteworthy of whom is none other than “Efo Blanket.”

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    Schwar recently exposed his chest to a new man in a video. Given how she carries herself, we’re sure it hasn’t been easy for her to persuade males to appear on camera with her.

    Any man who accepts to publicly date Afia will undoubtedly face questions about his mental health.

    Unless the man is a jerk like Abrokwa, who was only with Afia because she was financially supportive of him.

    In any case, Afia was able to coerce one man into appearing on video with her. Despite the fact that the male didn’t appear to be pleased, she was able to obtain the video.

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