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    Some unknown facts about the late T.B Joshua

    Some unknown facts about the late T.B Joshua

    The world and especially the Christian community is still heartbroken following the death of one of Nigerian’s popular man of God Prophet T.B Joshua.

    The late prophet would be remembered as one of the few prophets in the world who has the gift of prophesying.

    Although some of his prophecies don’t come true, the majority of whatever he says always comes to pass.

    T.B Joshua as he is affectionately called passed on to eternity last Saturday evening after spending 57years on earth.

    Below are some unknown facts about the man of God who would have celebrated his 58th birthday in 5 days’ time.

    1. Prophet T.B Joshua spent 15 months in her mother’s womb. The normal months to give birth to a healthy baby is 9 months but the Prophet spent an additional 6months in his mother’s womb before being born.

    2. He attended six colleges in less than one year due to lack of sponsorship. Though he did not complete his secondary school education.

    3.The televangelist is one of the richest pastors not just in Nigeria, but the world.

    4. His life was full of struggle, as he came from a poor family. At one time, during rain season he used to wash people’s feet on roads, just to gain a living. He once worked in chicken poultry just to raise school fees.

    One day he sacrificed his own school fees and paid for his classmate( friend) who was chased from school for failure to pay school fees. After paying for his friend, TB Joshua then went to look for piece works to look for his own school fees. He sold chicken wastes(manure) to raise his own school fees. He was such a humble soul who never gave up!.

    5. He started praying and fasting from childhood. Whenever his mother was in debt, TB Joshua would go on the mountain and pray/fast. Every time he would knock off from school, he would go to the prayer mountain and pray. He was nicknamed at school @ ‘Small pastor’.

    According to a source, during his days in school, a mad person came to his school armed to his teeth.

    Everyone, including teachers, the headteacher, and pupils ran for their dear lives. But to the shock of everyone, the small TB Joshua walked directly to the mad man and said, “Give me your knives, tools, etc, and leave this school now in Jesus name!’. That’s how the mad man left the premises in peace like an Angel who had fallen from heaven on a sofa!.

    6. One of his favourite quotes was, “Never allow your current situation to predict your future!.God’s time is the best!. Everything great starts small”.

    Meanwhile, his birthday falls on 12th June. Five days to go! That’s the day he will likely be put to rest.

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