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    She snatched one of the guy’s girlfriend – Alleged Reason why the lesbian Elladeevah was gang-raped

    Elladeevah Ellios

    One of the biggest news on social media currently is the Ghanaian lesbian who was gang-raped by 4 men after kidnapping her for two days.

    The lesbian who is very popular goes by the name Elladeevah Ellios and she says she was drugged by the guys and they spent the two days taking turns in raping her.

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    Lesbian Elladeevah Ellios
    Lesbian Elladeevah Ellios

    She came with an explanation that she knows one of the guys. He is her long-time friend and they even have a business together.

    She revealed she does not know what she did to him to deserve such treatment from him and his 3 other friends who are Nigerians. Elladeevah Ellios is a Nigerian as well but she is based in Ghana.

    Elladeevah Ellios claims her only offense to be kidnapped, drugged, and raped for 2 days by 4 boys was because she is open about sexuality as a lesbian.

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    Well, there is a new development to the story. An Instagram, blogger @nkonkonsa_hene has made an interesting contribution to the discussion.

    According to the blogger, Elladeevah Ellios snatched the girlfriend of one of the guys. The guy kept telling her to leave his girlfriend alone but it all fell on deaf ears.

    It all begun when the guy himself requested for threesome with Ella and his girlfriend but Ella ended up snatching the girl and to make it worse, Ella was always mocking the guy with it. @nkonkonsa_hene claims that’s what might have angered the guys to kidnap and rape Elladeevah Ellios.

    Lesbian Elladeevah Ellios
    Lesbian Elladeevah Ellios

    Read the full post below

    Ei .. Ella Deeva Ellios! You said they raped you for 2 days, now changed to 4 days. We are the Nkonkonsa headquarters and we’ve got a gist on this one. This proud lesbian has been going about snatching people’s ( I mean guys o ) girlfriends and doesn’t only snatch but flaunts and rub in their faces if she does so.

    She goes to the extent of convincing girlfriends of guys who are straight and not even lesbians, snatch and turns them into the act of lesbianism. That’s what she keeps doing and she flaunts it too.

    The latest one, which has brought her troubles @nkonkonsa_hene gathered that this Ella Deeva Ellios snatched one of the guy’s she claimed they have raped her’s girlfriend. The girl has been a long-time girlfriend of the guy we are told. And this Ella painfully snatched her from the guy.

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    Other reports from this gist we got was that… the guy she snatched his girl wanted a threesome( fantasy of most guys). They invited Ella to participate in the act and since then, this guy’s girlfriend has been seeing Ella. This guy confronted his girl, she denied and stated they are just friends. But it continued, his girl kept seeing this Ella Deeva.

    Lesbian Elladeevah Ellios
    Lesbian Elladeevah Ellios

    He eventually confronted Ella if she’s seeing his girl and she didn’t deny but even boasted with it that, although she is a lady, she has snatched his girl. Ella Deeva is a proud lesbian, that’s all she keeps doing. Snatching people’s girlfriends.

    As @nkonkonsa_hene, I don’t endorse the act of rape. It’s barbaric and the perpetrators should be brought to justice but hey Lesbobos should be in their lane and do it with people in the same act and should not go about convincing straight girls who are in a serious relationship.

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    It bruises the guys in the relationships she keeps breaking egos and you wouldn’t know how some of them will react. Our 2 pieces ??.

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    Meanwhile Efya Nocturnal, the Ghanaian songstress has called for justice for Elladeevah Ellios and requested all lesbians be castrated as a warning to potential rapists.

    As of the time of this report, Elladeevah Ellios has gone off all social media platforms as she pursues a legal solution to the trauma she has been put through by the 4 guys.

    Watch the whole incident below

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