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    Kalyjay takes on Chief Justice over #fixthecountry demonstration

    Kalyjay takes on Chief Justice over #fixthecountry demonstration

    Twitter influencer and one of the organizers of the #fixthecountry demonstration KalyJay has lashed out at the Chief Justice and the judicial service over the delay in reaching a conclusion.

    In a series of tweet shared on his social media page, he reffered to the CJ and the judicial system as a joke after the court once again adjourned the case involving them the conveyors of #Fixthecountry and the Ghana Police service.

    According to one of his tweet he stated that with the way the court is dealing with the case shows that they taking the youth in the country serious.

    He tweet reads:

    “I think the Ghana Judiciary is a joke. The Chief Justice is playing with Ghana Youth. They are undermining our intelligence because of the security they have around them. How many times must we go to court on our right to demonstrate? #FixTheCountryNow #WeGoDemonstrate”

    “Chief Justice Anim Yeboah is secretly abusing the law and creating public tension amongst Ghana Youth. He thinks we are all not learned in the law so he is taking advantage of it. This is preposterous and unacceptable. He is threatening Ghana’s democracy. #WeGoDemonstrate”

    “The Judiciary, the legislature and the executive aren’t above the law just like we the populace. No one is above criticism. The human rights and freedom of speech and movement must be upheld because Ghana is a democratic state. #WeGoDemonstrate #FixTheCountry”

    See screenshots of his tweets below:

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