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    ‘I wish you were my peer, like you will clap for me’ – Arnold ‘punches’ Hammer

    shatta wale arnold asamoah hammer

    Showbiz analyst Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo has clapped back at renowned music producer, Da Hammer, for chastising him for describing Shatta Wale as an “inconsistent and confused artiste”.

    Hammer in a lengthy post on Facebook, following a near-brawl that ensued between Arnold and Shatta Wale on UTV’s United Showbiz over the weekend, said he was appalled by the comments, which he deemed as disrespectful.

    Your disrespectful public utterance of your opinion on another person is rubbish and totally irrelevant and should remain in your head,” portions of Hammer’s post read.

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    In a sharp rebuttal, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo also took to Facebook to state that he would not respond to Hammer in such a similar tone.

    He indicated that out of the reverence he has for the legendary producer, he “will let him sleep easy” and let sleeping dogs lie.

    “Da Hammer, for a moment I wish you were my peer, contemporary – anka you will clap for me!Out of reverence to your legendary status; which I have now limited to works and not ‘brains’, I will let you sleep easy, very easy!,” he wrote.

    Arnold has since Saturday night been trending on social media for standing up to Shatta Wale on UTV and expressed his views on his State of the Industry Address, despite the conduct of the dancehall musician on the show.

    Shatta Wale had among other things, said Ghana does not have a unique music genre and subsequently made a proposition for Highlife to be considered in that regard. He also said Ghanaians should set an agenda to play 90% Ghanaians music and 10% foreign.

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    Reacting to the address, Arnold said Shatta Wale had in the past insulted pundits for making the same suggestions hence needs to render an unqualified apology to them.

    A livid Shatta Wale however resorted to insults and self-aggrandizement.

    While ordering Arnold to shut up and stop describing him as confused, he noted that Arnold is not worthy to criticize him because he is wealthier than Arnold.

    Watch the video below.

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