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    Date Rush:Sammy goes on his knees to beg Ruth

    Sammy of Nana Ama broken heart fame and a final year student of Kwame Nkrumah University of Ghana (KNUST) in an interview with Abena Gold on GHPage TV, has apologised to Ruth for describing her as old looking on TV3’s Date Rush show.

    In fact, he went on his knees to plead with her to forgive him – for describing her as someone who people might think of her as his mother when they go out on a date.

    A statement most people on social media said it was very unpalatable and needless.

    But according to Sammy,explaning in the interview with GHPage said, he got confused by her makeups and the many lighting on the stage.

    He stated, it wasn’t intentional to say that to hurt her feelings.And even when he saw her backstage, she didn’t look that old as he thought on stage.

    He, However, urged Ruth to come out if she found what he said about her offensive.

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    Sammy was a participant in TV3’s date rush show to find love.

    He embarked on this journey after he was left broken-hearted by Nana Ama which for days – he became an object of social media trolls and memes.

    On the show, Sammy was lucky in the first round as all the ten ladies left their lights on for him. An indication they are interested and are eager to know more about him.

    During the second round, however, seven out of ten of the ladies had put their lights off. That is after his explanation of how he broke up with Nana Ama.

    According to Sammy, some of his friends had snitched on him to Nana Ama that he had kissed another lady.The kiss, he said was motivated by the fact that, he was alone in a room with that lady watching movies.

    Obviously, the explanation didn’t go down well with the ladies.

    Sammy, in the final round almost walked off until he got lucky when Ruth left her rush on for him.

    Interestingly, he turned down Ruth’s light and said he does not have any love feelings for her.

    He explained that Ruth looks older than him and that could make people think that she is his mother if they go walking in town.

    Ruth had disappointed written all over her face after Sammy rejected her even though she had explained that she was only 22 years.

    Apparently, Sammy had eyes on Bibi, another contest on the show but she was also not interested in him.

    Sammy says he is 23 years old.

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