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    Date Rush: Ali in shock after finding out Shemima has a child


    Ali of TV3’s Date Rush fame is in total shock after Shemima Brown revealed for the first time to him that she has a child who is six(6) year’s old.

    Shemima and Ali got paired on the Date Rush show in the recent episode which according to the heavily-endowed lady, is the most viral episode.

    In a recent interview, Ali reacted in shock after Shemima broke the news that she has a 6-year-old son.

    “I have one son and he’s 6 years,” Shemima told the host after he(the host) asked her.

    Whiles speaking in the interview, the 26-year-old big booty Brown said she decided not to share that side of her life on stage at Date Rush for a reason.

    She was quick to add that she never said anything about her son because Ali, her newly found lover never asked her, hence keeping quiet on it.

    Ali who on the other hand was very aghast by the news expressed his disappointment over her secretly having a child and not telling him at their initial meeting.

    “You never told me you have a kid, You should have. At least later through our vibe you could have told me” Ali fumed.

    He, however, stated that he’ll try to cope with the situation at hand regardless of the shock it has brought to him.

    Watch the video below;

    Asked if he (Ali) would have still accepted Shemima should she have told him on stage that she has a son, Ali said yes. Giving reasons that she’s a nice girl.

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