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    Ansu Gyeabour reacts to Kennedy Agyapong’s allegations

    Ansu Gyeabour the man who has been named by maverick politician Kennedy Agyapong as the person who murdered late investigative journalist Ahmed Hussien-Suale has reacted.

    According to the alleged killer, he never knew Ahmed talk more about having a personal issue with him to the extent of killing him.

    Social media got flooded with photos of the said killer after Hon. Kennedy Agyapong during an interview in the states mentioned Ansu Gyeabour.

    In a video shared on social media, the Ansu Gyaebour whose images have been shared questioned why people didn’t do due diligence before posting his photos.

    He in his live video mentioned that he had an issue with the Ghana police last year and believed that it was because of that issue that is why people shared his photos.

    Ansu Gyeabour mentioned that even with that case the police are about to bring out a statement to exonerate him of any wrongdoing.

    Mr. Gyeabour disclosed that he is in the oil and gas sector and has no links or whatever with the late investigative journalist.

    He went on to say question why the first people to circulate his photos after typing Ansu Gyeabour didn’t use the photos of the judge who is also known by that name.

    On the allegation from the Kennedy Agyapong that the killer is based in Kumasi, Ansu made it clear that he attended school in Kumasi around 2005/2006 but the longest he stays in that region is either a week or two.

    Watch the video below:

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    He accused Ghanaians of being wicked and always trying to bring people down just because they feel those people are making a huge impact.

    He further threatened to take action against the media houses and people on social media who tagged him as the killer without first verifying the comments made by Kennedy Agyapong.

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